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Pastor Hennigan has a long and wonderful family history of Pentecost. His
grandmother was involved in one of the first great revivals of Pentecost in Louisiana
in the early 1950's. He was baptized in Jesus' Name in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas, in
1964 and received the Holy Ghost the same year. He felt a call into the ministry at
the even younger age of 10, but not knowing what it really meant did not heed the
call until he was in his late teens. After graduating from high school as Salutatorian,
he went to Texas Bible College where he met his bride-to-be, Norma Baringer. After
completing 3 years of Bible College he moved his young family to Bangor, Maine,
and worked as the assistant in the First Apostolic Church of Brewer.

He then took his first pastorate in Winterport, Maine, where he stayed and saw good
growth for 2 1/2 years, taking the church from around 35 to an average of 70 when
he took another pastorate in Fort Fairfield, Maine; he was to stay there for almost 6
years. Once again the church had good growth under his leadership. Moving back
to Louisiana, he pastored in Bogalusa, for the next 3 years where he saw
tremendous growth -- from 17 people at his first service to over 150 when he felt to
return to Maine. He had a brief pastorate in Jonesport, and then took the pastorate
in Bremerton in 1990.

Pastor Hennigan is a graduate of Texas Bible College and also attended the
University of Maine for studies in Math and History. He is a chaplain for the
Bremerton Police Department. Pastor Hennigan is well known for his lively and timely
preaching. He has also preached several tent meetings and crusades, especially in
the Philippines.  

Norma Hennigan is Director of Ladies' Ministries, including Daughters of Zion, a
monthly gathering of ladies who pray for our children.
1248 9th Street
Bremerton, WA 98337
ph: 360-373-9658
The fourth Sunday of each month is set
aside for helping feed those in need of a
meal. Everyone is welcome to join us in our
Fellowship Hall from 2-4 pm for a
wholesome, filling dinner!
Feeding the Homeless; Helping the Less